Online marketing

For us, it means involving all of our experiences and skills to increase the customer’s company profits, website traffic, or fulfill other important customer goals through online marketing in the online world. There are more online marketing channels and we will describe them below. Everyone often explains the concept of online marketing in their own way, just like us. In this article, you will encounter various terms that a layman may not understand. Therefore, each such term is referred to an explanation of the given term so that even a layman can understand everything without long-term thinking.

Every company that we visit is individual and cannot be directly specified what will happen if you decide to use our online marketing services. Therefore, below we will describe what we do roughly in the case of small, medium, and multinational companies. It’s like playing chess.

Online marketing by company size

List of activities that we apply based on the size of the company or company.

Activity Small company Medium size company Multinational company
Analysis of the company’s marketing
Application and monitoring of analytical tools
Analysis of company’s online marketing
Analysis of company’s website
Regular personal brainstorming
Social media
E-mail marketing
Affiliate marketing
Analysis of foreign markets
Foreign marketing

Online marketing, small company

Small companies try to save. Owners of these companies don’t have a tendency to invest in channels that would mean a larger investment for a small company. That’s why they only stick to necessary investments that will help them create the foundations of the company. Initially, we don’t recommend small companies to invest in channels other than basic ones. These basic channels will gradually create pillars that will financially anchor the company. But as we wrote, everything is an individual matter and exceptions can be found, among which we can mention a small company behind which stands a person with capital. In such a case, the above facts do not apply. So if you are a small company, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot afford to invest in other channels that require a higher initial investment.

Online marketing, medium-sized company

Medium-sized companies are those with up to 250 employees. Such a company may have a marketing professional or a marketing department to handle these tasks, but not always! We have encountered cases where a company falling into this segment had a manager, a director, a sales department, and a service department, but no one ever dealt with marketing. Some companies use external companies specializing in online marketing. If we visit such a company, this usually means huge savings not only in the area of online marketing, but also in corporate marketing and subsequent investments in functional channels that will bring customers and return of financial resources through these functional channels.

Here it is necessary to mention how important it is to know which company we are dealing with. We conduct foreign marketing in a company that saves every penny and carefully thinks everything through to ensure the return of all investments. On the other hand, we are part of a team where the company is so big that the right hand often does not know what the left hand is doing. Investments within thousands to millions based on grant programs, in a very short period of time, won’t budge anyone. Often it’s like the Titanic and when you try to apply changes, before the ship moves, half a year goes by and you haven’t even said a tailor. This contrast initially stunned me, but now I see it as a standard because I’ve realized that creating a fully functional model in a company with thousands of employees is not easy.

I believe it is absolutely key to have leaders in such companies who are not appointed, but are respected experts in their field and understand their work. Then everything is much easier and more efficient. Multinational companies are a challenge for us and we constantly move forward in this segment. Online conferences in English are a common and integral part of this symbiotic relationship.

We create multilingual websites and participate in multinational online marketing. Every newly created website in a new country is a challenge for us because every country operates differently. It is necessary to understand how people in that country think, what language dominates, conduct research, participate in brainstorming, involve analytical tools, and only then come up with approaches and activities that lead to improvement and optimization of the company’s marketing. Online marketing, and especially foreign marketing, is a complicated activity that requires skills. Having a partner who is educated in this area saves considerable money.