SEO analysis

The purpose is to assess the state of SEO on your website. SEO analysis will uncover the site’s errors, including their severity. You can read about what are the right properties your site should have, what is relevant to solve and what isn’t below on this page. In many cases small SEO adjustments are enough to make your website more accessible in search engines. The amount of competition also plays a great role in your SEO ratings. There are many SEO tools available on the internet. However, it is not always necessary to pay attention to all errors. Solving main errors should always be the priority. Only after that should you move on to the small details, but if SEO works as it should, you needn’t invest in fixing small mistakes, which often aren’t even mistakes but only recommendations. This can save you a considerable amount of money.

SEO analysis assesses the following main factors

Does the website run on the right domain?

In numerous cases we have come across a case, in which a Czech company’s website, created in the Czech language, was running on a .com, .info, .biz, .org and other domain. This is a handicap from the point of view of SEO and it will eventually decrease your points. We’ll explain why. If you click on the links from the previous sentence, you will find out, that every domain has its purpose and should therefore serve its purpose. Here in the Czech Republic, we use the Czech version of Google ( Therefore, sites with the .cz domain get prioritized in comparison with others.

We will find out your current positions for chosen keywords

Using paid tools, that help us with working on SEO, we are able to find out what your current positions for main keywords are at the moment. Your main keywords should be relevant to your area of business. We will process the proposal of key phrases for which we subsequently submit the obtained data to you. You will only get information about what position your website has on these selected key phrases. By recording these positions, it is easy to determine in the future whether SEO is successful or not.

http vs https which protocol is better?

The answer is simple. It is the https protocol, and we’ll explain why. If you have a website running on http, all of the communication between your computer and the server on which the site is running is non-crypted and the communication can be eavesdropped using tools called Sniffers. Do you have forms to fill out on your website, an interface through which you log in to the administration, or to the internal company system? All this data can be found the moment you fill it in, and someone is eavesdropping on the network. The https protocol, on the other hand, is encrypted so if someone intercepts this communication, they only have encrypted data. You have to be very careful if you decide to switch from http to https! This can cause a big problem for SEO if you don’t do it right. You can easily lose all history and positions in search engines. A minor drawback of the https protocol is its speed. Communication via the http protocol is faster, so loading web pages is quicker than via the https protocol.

Analysis of the graphic interface and display

This type of analysis is meant to find out if your website displays properly across all devices and browsers. In the past we have come across many cases, when there were errors occurring across these platforms. In one of these cases the contacts page wasn’t visible when using a certain browser. This is a big problem because it most likely led to the company loosing numerous potential customers.


Analysis of the responsive design

An inseparable part of a graphics analysis is finding out if the website displays itself properly on mobile devices. Even if your web contains responsive design, there can still be some errors when displaying the pages. SEO analysis of responsive design will reveal these errors. We will test all important categories with simulators of mobile devices and browsers. We test out the display of your website on smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and all types of browsers.

SEO analysis of the navigation structure

Do you have the site category key phrases listed correctly? Are the texts after the slash selected correctly? Is the overall structure of the site chosen correctly? We will find out how you are doing with the internal and external links of your site in the form of links in the content section and whether the links are linked in the form of the correct key phrases. These are important factors that subsequently significantly affect your search engine rankings. If factors are chosen incorrectly, traceability is affected.


SEO analysis of on-page factors

Every website contains headings, texts, images, videos, links, and other content. Our job is to examine all these factors and tell you what the problems are with your website from the SEO point of view, or what could be done differently – better.

Analysis of forbidden SEO practices

We evaluate unfair SEO practices with the help of several paid SEO tools and our experience in the field. We assess:

  • linkbuilding assessment
  • discovery of linkguilding farms
  • disclosure of purpose and commercial pr
  • repeating anchor texts
  • earmarked paid articles with links
  • if the article you paid for only links to you and leads to a commercial website, then Google automatically rates this as a paid link
  • hidden links
  • artificial rapid increase in traffic
  • no follow links
  • multiple links from one page to the same domain
  • links from non-thematic websites
  • spam and links in comments leading to your site
  • purpose exchange of links
  • duplicate content
  • landing pages without content and more.

It is important to realize that the Google algorithm that judges your website is really a smart thing, and we’d rather call it artificial intelligence with clear rules and ratings. Each ranked website gets a certain number of positive and negative points, and at the end of this event there is a result that determines whether you move up or down in the search results.

SEO tool demonstration