The shortcut SEO stands for “Search engine optimization”.

Users have always used search engines when searching the internet. The most common search engine we use is, followed by engines such as or

For further simplification, we have put together an example of how SEO works.  Let’s say you drive a car made by Mitsubishi and you live in Frýdek-Místek. You need to get your car fixed and you decide to use the internet to find a repair shop. You are most likely to search for something along the lines of “Mitsubishi repair shop Frýdek-Místek”, or “Mitsubishi Frýdek-Místek”, or any other relevant key phrase. Your search engine will give you the results. Firstly, it will show you results with the word “Ad” at the beginning. Your common search results will show up after the ads. The order in which these sites will show up is determined by SEO settings. If you want your website to show up at the front positions of search engines, you need an agency to optimize your website for search engines, or in other words, configure SEO settings.


Influence of competition on the price of SEO

SEO is continuous, therefore a constant activity. We have of course come across examples, where precisely configuring on-page factors was enough to assure large success of the page. But this only occurs in non-competitive fields. This rule certainly doesn’t apply in a competitive field. When there are hundreds of companies competing on the SEO market, it comes down to the abilities of the company, which takes care of your SEO. From this information it is clear, that the price of SEO is determined by the amount of competition on the market.

Increase profits with SEO

If by using SEO, you manage to get into the top positions of search engines, your company will make revenue. SEO is very often the most effective way to ensure that a company receives orders. If you operate on the Internet and you do not configure your site’s SEO, you are losing a very effective channel of potential customers.


Demonstration of increased web traffic thanks to SEO

The following graph shows the web traffic in the year 2015, when there was no optimization for search engines on the client’s website. The other statistics are from following years when we applied SEO. Practically none of our potential clients, that we meet, have a stream of costumers coming from SEO. Most of our clients think they don’t need SEO. What they don’t know is, that organic searching is a very commonly used tool and that they are missing out on considerable amounts of potential customers.

Our course of action if the customer requires SEO


Where we inquire about your requirements, what are your goals and visions. Thanks to this information we are able to prepare an analysis and based on this analysis determine the price of the whole project. During this meeting we can show you other projects, which we are working on, including the results, which we are reaching. We will talk about the basic principles of SEO. We will also answer any of your questions.


Based on the information, given on our personal meeting, we will prepare a precise complex analysis, which consists of the following articles

  • Analysis of the current state of internet marketing of your company, using specialised tools
  • Analysis of the current state of your website
  • We will evaluate your current marketing success
  • We will find out who your competitors are and to what extent do they succeed on the market. The ratio of competitors in your market area determines the difficulty of the project and influences the final price.

We determine the price of the project based on the output from our analysis.


Designing the right solution is key and is a pillar of all SEO, because the way the project will start and what goals are set will decide the success of the whole operation. We will determine which internet channels (SEO, PPC, social media) we will optimize and what will be the priority when optimizing these channels. Based on the selected priorities of channels we will set a completion strategy. We provide more information on the basic internet channels bellow.

In this phase of the project, we proceed as follows:

  • Communication with the client
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Fixing of the website’s mistakes
  • Working on on-page and off-page factors
  • Creating good quality content
  • Activity on social media
  • Links to other relevant websites (linkbuilding)

Most of the operations mentioned before repeat themselves during the optimization for search engines process. Constant analysis and evaluation of SEO using special on-line tools leads to improving the process and to higher positions in search engines.


Since the beginning of our work on your internet marketing, we monitor and record everything using our specialised on-line tools. We therfore always have access to reports on site visits, positions of selected keywords in search engines, both current and historical, a list of the most viewed pages of your site with numbers and much more. Based on these obtained statistical data, we further assess and evaluate the situation of the company in order to maximize the effect of the work we do. We constantly have meetings with our clients and solve other search engine optimization procedures through team brainstorming.

Our goal is to maximize traffic and build the image of the companies we optimize. We achieve this through the hard marketing work of our entire team. We believe that symbiotic teamwork and frequent brainstorming bring the best possible results applied to our clients.


If yes, do not hesitate to contact us in the contacts section. We will gladly show you our results so far.

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Quality of content

Is an inseparable part of every website, aiming to have success. Low quality content won’t be successful with SEO. Google has changed its algorithm of evaluating content in relation to quality. It is therefore important to create good quality verbally diverse and original content. The moment you start copying content or other graphic materials, or photos and videos from other websites, you will be penalized by the search engine, or completely excluded from indexing. In other words, you will not be found in search engines, which is a great problem for SEO.


Content and photos – what to look out for!

In the previous paragraph we have explained, that copying content or photos from other websites does not benefit your website. Not only that. A lot of content material, photos, images, videos are someone’s work thus falling under the protection of copyright law. So, if you start copying such content or photos from another website and place it on your own website, you are asking for a real problem. Copyright laws are strict, and it is not wise to play with them. That is why we always create original content for our clients, which is created by our copywriter, and we also take our own photos, or we recommend contacting a photographer to take them. Purchased photos from the photo bank are also a suitable way, but ideally only as a supplement to the photos you have taken. If search engines find that you have original photos and content on your site that isn’t listed anywhere else on the Internet – It’s a big plus.