We enjoy our job, and we hope that it is visible in our finished work, which you can view in our references portfolio. We try to pay maximum attention to our clients and make sure that they are really satisfied with our web development work and our services. Having satisfied clients, who will recommend us, is crucial to us. Below we will try to describe to you what creating a website entails, how the process is done, what determines the cost, what services are connected and many other points. In case you would like to ask us something, please contact us. We are here to help you.

Web development

From experience we know that new website creation is more difficult, then updating from old websites to new. This is mainly due to the fact that once we start creating a website, it goes hand in hand with creating content which you need to help us with. The client thus finds himself in a situation where he finds out that he has not actually prepared any texts or documents, and so the process of creating a website begins to drag on the basis that the materials, especially texts and images, have not yet been prepared.

We can also deal with that and often very actively assist in the creation of content and graphic materials (photos and videos) for use on new websites. In this way, we effectively guide you through the entire process and make sure that we burden you as little as possible. If possible, we try to do all the work ourselves. The client is therefore in a much more comfortable position, which is what we want. Together with SEO, website creation is our main activity.


A well done job and a satisfied client is the alpha omega of our company!

I have an old website and I want a new one

There is a great scale of reasons, why clients contact us when they already have existing websites:

  • Age of the website
  • Website doesn’t have a responsive design
  • Website doesn’t work and it contains bugs
  • The current site administrator is not responding

These are the most common reasons we encounter. Whatever the reason why you want a new website, you are in the right place. Already created websites will help us in creating new ones in many aspects. For example, if most of the texts are already created, we just rework them to a large extent for quality reasons. Or the fact that from the history of your old website we can find out how they performed in the past, how they were visited and what positions they are in when entering keywords into search engines.

You can change the entire website via the administration

Each client gets access to the website administration, through which they can then change any content on the website, including the graphic header, website menu, create new pages, news posts and much more. When it comes to content, there’s nothing you can’t change yourself. Creating websites is therefore a simple matter, that everyone can handle thanks to the intuitive interface.


Creating websites with administration

Once the creation of the website is over, it is handed over. Training is part of the process, where we will teach you how to edit the website and work with the administration. It’s not difficult and even a layman can do it. All you need is a computer with internet access.


We save you money!

By being able to edit your website all by yourself and without our assistance, any edits you make will be completely free. You will no longer have to pay to edit or change the text on your website. Everything is so fully under your control. If you do not want to edit the website yourself, we can of course offer you this service, as well as the creation of the website, for a reasonable price, which will not be an obstacle for you.

Example of text editing in administration

Tvorba webových stránek s administrací

How we determine prices for web development

Web development and its cost depends on the difficulty of the project. Before we tell you the price, we inquire about what you want and based on this information we create a price calculation. Every price calculation is individual. There is a difference between crating a website with practically no demands on implementations, or other complexities, and a website that has a lot of them.

We will never give you a price on the first meeting. We do not make guesses and everything we do is based on care and in relation to quality. Don’t look for an ordinary approach with us. Each client is unique to us and, in our opinion, deserves a professional individual approach. If we guess the price every time we meet our potential client, we probably wouldn’t be here anymore. So, meeting with us and having a price calculation worked out costs you nothing but the time you spend with us in person. You need to understand that web design is like any other activity. Of course, when you do it well, it affects the price.

Tvorba webových stránek a jejich kalkulace

Web development with responsive designs

Responsive design is a type of web design that automatically adapts to the device on which you are currently viewing the page. The picture we are showing you is one website viewed on different types of devices. For this example, we chose the Frýdek-Místek car show website, which we created Autoemistar. As soon as you start browsing the mentioned page on your phone, you will find that you do not have to zoom in on the page at all. All titles, texts and images are displayed on the device so that you can easily swipe your finger on the phone. When you need to display the web menu, just click on the symbol (icon) at the top of the web.


How does responsive design react

Responsive design doesn’t react based on the type of device, but rather on the screen resolution. So, if you put two different phones next to each other, both will display the content differently. Websites created by us automatically adapt to 3 types of screen resolutions, so that they meet the standards of mobile, tablet and PC view.

Tvorba webových stránek s responzivním designem

Creating websites with a responsive design?

There are many reasons. We have listed the main ones below.


Google prefers websites with responsive design

Since 2014, Google has altered its search algorithm. It now prefers websites with responsive design. This means that if a website is responsive, it will appear higher on the search result chart. Websites without a responsive design are nowadays considered as old.


Website loading speed

Another advantage of responsive design is loading speed. Responsive design loads significantly faster than regular design. Responsive design automatically adjusts the graphic portion of the website depending on your screen resolutions. This also saves mobile data when viewing using mobile networks.


Viewing websites from mobile devices

The percentage of people who use mobile devices to browse websites rises every year. Responsive design adjusts when using mobile devices.

Website domain

Every client can, of course, chose their domain name. We can assist you with your choice based on factors such as SEO.


Web development for all company sizes

We create websites ranging from small restaurants to large industrial companies. This also reflects the price of our projects. Smaller projects tend to be much simpler, therefore costing less. Large companies often want more advanced and complicated services. This is not a problem for us, but the price rises.



We create websites mainly in Czech, English, Russian, German. However, based on our agreement, we can also translate your website to other languages.


Website traceability on the internet

We concentrate on SEO, so your website appears on the highest possible place in the algorithm chart.


We concentrate on quality

Quality is key when it comes to our work. Our client’s satisfaction is what matters the most to us. In case of any problems with our websites, contact us and we will solve them right away.


Regular website updates

Website development also includes regular updates. This keeps your websites up to date with browsers. It ensures, that your website will never get old. Regular updates also help with attack prevention.


Virtual servers

We have our own virtual servers, where which we can adjust according to the customer’s needs. The main advantage of using virtual servers is speed, which is achieved by our SSD disks. This technology is much faster than using regular webhosting. These are the parameters of our servers:

  • 1-8 thread CPU with Xeon 1.7 Ghz processor
  • HDD SSD up to 500 GB (server SSDs, not classic)
  • RAM: 2-32 GB DDR3 reserved
  • Operating system: Linux or Windows on request
  • Remote administration: SSH, VNC, KVM, Websites
  • Transmission restrictions: no restrictions
  • Guaranteed availability: 99.99%