Website security

Recently, we have noticed an increased rise in attacks on the websites of our clients. For this reason, we decided to find a partner who would provide us with a professional website security tool, including its application to the websites we have created. First, we conducted a market survey and selected the top 10 security plugins that can be implemented into our websites. This testing process took us about a month. After a month, we managed to find a tool that we are satisfied with. Below, we list the security elements the module has and what it can protect. One of the main criteria for selection was to allow securing the widest possible spectrum of potential threats. The selected solution has advanced tools that often prevent attackers from launching an attack at the very beginning. Then the IP address is blocked. The advantage is that the module has GEO blocking, and we are able to block states from which attackers most often attack our client’s websites. These are mainly Russia, China, and India. The Firewall, which is part of this module, performs the actual evaluation of the attacks.

Average number of attack on VPS (virtual private servers)
Average number of detected attacks on VPS per 24 hours
Average number of attacking bots on VPS per 24 hours
Average number of detected attacks on VPS per year

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